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Welcome to my Blogs

                 Writing is always useful. Its a great exercise for our cognition. It helps in notes, reporting, expressing, communicating and disseminating information. I m myself not into writing but i respect and appreciate writing and the importance of it.  Although I am an avid reader and I write sometimes for my own personal creative expressions but mostly I write if a particular academic task has been given. I want to write on topics that I feel and immerse myself in. And this means the stuff that I write on is serious work. I try to be more expressive and creative with my written work but my work is work.

Moreover, I have written some content on my facebook notes< back in the day when they existed> In 2014, my Academic English course focused on writing and I wrote blogs on Wordpress. Then in 2015 my course on Entrepreneurial Leadership consisted on blogging about some entrepreneurs or leaders. Then for Innovations and Management I wrote on Medium blogs. Recently, in 2017, I started my first Linkedin publishing. I would if my work helped  students and professionals. Maybe my articles maybe published. Or maybe a book, would make an author-someday perhaps.

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